Track your business KPIs with Siri.

Our custom Siri commands can help your business automate tasks, save time, and improve productivity. Whether you need to check sales figures, manage appointments, or monitor website traffic, our custom Siri commands can streamline your operations.

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How it Works

Automate anything.

Our team of expert developers will work with you to create custom Siri commands that can automate virtually any task, from sending emails to updating spreadsheets and more. Once your custom commands are set up, you can access them using Siri on your iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch, allowing you to complete tasks in just a few seconds without ever having to touch your device. With Sirimate, you can save time, increase productivity, and focus on growing your business.

Connects to every tool.

Our team of expert developers can connect to the API of your preferred tools, allowing Siri to automate virtually any task and streamline your workflow.

Connect Mixpanel with Siri
Connect Google Analytics with Siri
Connect Hotjar with Siri
Connect Zapier with Siri
Connect Optimizely with Siri
Connect Heap with Siri
Connect Amplitude with Siri
Connect Segment with Siri
Connect Baremetrics with Siri

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